Health, Fitness and Personal Energy for Seniors

Energy Bite 57 – Join the Fitness Bandwagon

You’re an active senior, but like most seniors, you don’t particularly want to spend a lot of time exercising.  And you probably don’t want to spend the time and energy and uncertainty of trying to stick with one of the many fad diets you are bombarded with.

If you’re like most active seniors, you want to live your life without worrying about long, lingering or chronic illness. You want the positive and healthy attitude that goes with a healthy and happy lifestyle.  You want the physical strength, flexibility, and particularly the mobility that will keep you functioning at your highest possible level without going the route of the performance athlete.

That’s why The Come Alive Project was created.  I want to help active seniors like you, develop and maintain the Personal Energy you need to stay physically and mentally active the rest of your life.

Here’s what I  mean.   Paul Harvey the revered newscaster, was still broadcasting until shortly before his death at age 90.  Jack LaLanne was still doing a two hour workout and still actively promoting his juicing machine right up until his death at age 96.  Most of you will remember the PGA Golf Champion, Gary Player, who is still running his farm, travelling around the world doing personal appearances,  and exercising vigorously every day at age 78.  George Burns, the great comedian was still doing “softshoe” until shortly before his death at age 100.  Willie Nelson, the country singer and songwriter, at age 81, still lives much of his time on the road.  According to the August-September issue of the AARP Magazine, he does calisthenics on his bus when on the road, and rides a bike or a horse when he’s not.  Cloris Leachman recently performed on “Dancing with the Stars” TV series at age 88.  I can go on and on and on. All these people are or were active and filled with energy throughout their adult life.

But what about you.  Are you saying things like “I’m too old to live like that” or “I don’t have the time to do what it takes to stay active like that”.  You and I both know deep in our hearts that that’s simply not the reality of it.  The reality is that to live a long, healthy life filled with energy and vitality, and free of long, lingering chronic illness, certain basic principles of health apply.

Here’s a fact! With just a few healthy lifestyle changes, you can stop, or even reverse your downward spiral into the physical and mental deterioration that comes with aging. That’s not something I just made up out of thin air.  Scientific and medical studies have demonstrated over and over again that by moving your body just a little bit more, and by being a little bit more careful about what you eat, you could ignite your vitality and energy and live a longer, more purposeful life. You could stop the aging process in its tracks and even reverse some of the outward and inward signs of aging. Would that be valuable to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel better at age seventy than you did at age fifty? You can, you know.

Well, here’s something to ponder.  I all starts with the way you’re thinking.  What if you could have an instant “mental shift” that could take you from where you are now, an active senior who needs a little physical conditioning and an mindset of action, to the healthy and fit senior you truly want to be, filled with vitality and energy for living.  That’s the starting point of The Come Alive Project.  That’s where I want to take you.  And isn’t that where, down deep, you want to be.

I’m excited about the future of The Come Alive Project. I’m excited that so many active seniors are taking action to retard the aging process and to make themselves Come Alive again.  How about you, will you join the movement toward health and fitness?  What will you say ten years from now,  “I wish I had”, or “I’m glad I did.”

Thanks for reading.



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