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Energy Bite 61 – What Does Feeling Good . . . Feel Like?

If I were to ask one hundred people what it means to feel good, I would probably get two hundred different answers. So this article is a series of questions, without many answers. It’s meant to get you to think about what it means to “feel good”. If you’ll take a few moments after reading this to answer the questions in your own mind and in your own words, the article will have served you well.

What does it feel like to feel good? I asked that question because when we talk about exercise we say it feels good or it makes you feel good. What do I mean by that?

Does feeling good mean free from discomfort? Does it mean being totally functional as opposed to being physically limited? Is there a difference between feeling good and feeling good about something? Is feeling good an emotional experience, or is it physical, or both? Is it a one time “experience”, or is it a long term overall general feeling? Is it a feeling of satisfaction or is it . . . what?

All these are great questions. How would someone answer them. That’s the purpose of the blog article – to get people thinking about what it is like to feel good. Is it a feeling of energy, or is it a feeling of contentment?

How do you feel about feeling good? Believe it or not, some people don’t like feeling good. They would rather have something to complain about and have people feel sorry for them.

I sometimes say, “If my gut feels good, I feel good.” What do I really mean by that? It’s a physical feeling that is most noticeable when my gut doesn’t feel good.  In my own case, because I do a lot of “floor and core” movements when I exercise, my gut usually feels pretty good.  Even when I lose my willpower and abuse my stomach with an occasional fast food “treat”, I recover from that fast food “hangover” in my stomach fairly quickly.

Sometimes feeling tired is a good feeling. Sometimes feeling tired is bad. It depends on the circumstances, doesn’t it?

What kind of feeling good does exercise and good eating habits bring to you? Will you improve your life and lifestyle? Will you improve your ability to move the way you want to move, or will you limit yourself through lack of exercise and poor eating habits? Does exercise sharpen your mind, or does it dull it? Does the kind of exercise make a difference in how you feel?

As I strive to answer the question for myself, I either will be closer to the meaning, or will be farther away. I will at least have explored the topic and given it some real thought. It’s a question that each person should ponder and answer for themselves and the answer you come up with may be totally different than what you originally thought.

In most cases there are no right answers. Some of the questions are purely rhetorical. Take some time and answer them for yourself. You may be surprised at your answers.

Thank you for reading.







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