YOU ARE YOUR OWN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Movement, Motivation and Mindset for Active Seniors

Energy Bite 22, Blog Post No. 1

This is a new blog.  It replaces the old Energy Bites publication that I published, usually twice a month, as a .pdf attachment to an ever growing group of subscribers.  I decided to change the format to a blog for several reasons.

  • I can write more in the first and second person (if you remember Elementary School English).  I wrote a lot in the first and second person anyway and while it could easily be annoying in a newsletter; not so in a blog.  In fact most blogs are written in the first person.
  • More flexibility.  I still plan to publish twice monthly as a minimum and quite possibly more.  I tend to write about a thousand to fifteen hundred raw words a day.  Over a two week period, there will be a lot of material for a good blog.
  • Feedback and comments.  I get a modest amount of feedback from the .pdf publication and most of it is positive.  A blog, however, offers the opportunity for comments.  Normally, the comments to a blog are mixed.  There are Professional “blog spammers” but now there is software to eliminate much of that.
  • Video.  It is much easier to include a video in a blog.  I like video and there are a lot of people in the blog community using it successfully.

The Come Alive Project, LLC was conceived primarily as a “physical fitness and Personal Energy Management” vehicle for active men and women over sixty.  But there was so much more to personal energy and lifestyle management than just physical fitness.  Yes, physical fitness is a major part of personal energy management.  But personal attitude and motivation are the other side of the equation and are every bit as important as the physical side.  When a reasonable and intelligent adult understands the “reason why” they must exercise and eat well as they age, they suddenly start doing something about their steadily deteriorating condition.  These Energy Bites™ are intended to inspire, motivate, educate and activate those active and independent seniors over 60 who want to build, maintain and manage their own personal energy through their attitude, exercise and eating habits.


Future blogs will include interviews with, and profiles of, active seniors whose activities should be an inspiration to others.  There is, for example, the 100 year old woman in North Carolina who still drives and still actively enjoys line danceing with her friends.  She was profiled  recently in the local Wilmington, NC newspaper.  I came across the article while Edie (my wife) and I were visiting old friends in Southport, NC.

Or perhaps you’d like to be inspired by the 102 man from the Washington, DC area who was recently profiled in the Washington Post.  He was 98 years old when he started working out with a personal trainer.  The personal trainer is 70.

Or maybe you’d rather read about a man who started building a dream community outside Washington, DC in the early 1960’s and who, at age 99 (next month) has seen his dream fulfilled.  He still takes daily walks around his beloved lakes, and is still active in the community he built.

Did you happen to notice that exercise and movement are an essential part of the lifestyle of all the people I mentioned above.

And by the way, I’m looking for stories similar to these that I can include in future blogs, people I can interview and include in a documentary about exceptional seniors that is currently in development (as some of you may remember from a previous Energy Bite™, “in development” is Hollywood talk for “working on it”.)

So, if you know of people who fit the lifestyle of the people I just described, please let me know at

I’m looking forward to producing this ongoing blog and hope those who read it will get the benefit I intend.


I enjoy speaking to groups with an interest in senior health, fitness and lifestyle management.  If you or someone you know belongs to a group who would benefit from a talk about that topic, please let me know at and put “speak” in the subject line.  Include as much contact information as you can.



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