YOU ARE YOUR OWN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Movement, Motivation and Mindset for Active Seniors

Energy Bite 27 – “Come Alive”

I’m still alive! It’s been a couple of months since my last blog post, but yes, I’m alive and thriving.

In fact, I’m starting a movement. That’s right, a movement of active older adults like you who haven’t given up on your futures, who are ready to come alive with energy and vitality; to live your lives right up until you die.

What the world needs is people who have come alive. Hear that seniors? That’s meant for you. That’s part of a quote from Howard Thurman, a mid-twentieth century theologian and activist. The full quote is in the header to this website.

But most of us don’t really come alive do we? Why not? Too many of us shortchange ourselves. Most of us are physically and mentally capable of doing so much more than we think we can do. But far too many of us don’t. Too many older adults have been programmed to believe that once you get to a certain age, you have lived beyond your usefulness and should just cool it and lie back and enjoy the rest of your lives. Go on a couple of cruises and see the grandkids once in a while. Sure, going on cruises and particularly seeing the grandkids is a treasured part of being older, but is that all there is?

What are we going to do, just “hang around” until we die?  Not a chance!

Most don’t have the energy to do much else. We’re living longer but we certainly aren’t aging gracefully. We develop chronic illnesses, our muscles atrophy and our joints creak. Our bones become brittle and easily breakable. We don’t move well. We become more depressed and we generally fear older age ahead. We don’t have to, of course, but most of us do. I want to change that.

Why do I want to change this? Because I’d like to be around mature adults.  After all, I am one . . . chronologically at least. I’ll be 74 on April Fools Day. That’s just a few short weeks from now. I’m active, alive, filled with energy and am reasonably healthy and fit. I exercise and fuel my body with high octane food, breathe deeply and get plenty of sunshine (yes, I drive a convertible). I try to “hang around” with like-minded people But there aren’t all that many active, energetic people my age around. That’s why I’m starting the movement:  To encourage active men and women to embrace health, fitness, positive energy, and possibility thinking about their future.

In my talks and workshops, I point to people like Paul Harvey (90), Art LInkletter (97), George Burns (100), Jack LaLanne (96), Nelson Mandela (95), just to suggest a few well known names, who were active right up until they died at ripe old ages. I point out people like the champion golfer, Gary Player, who at age 78 has an exercise routine that includes a thousand sit ups and push ups every day as just a part of his vigorous exercise routine.

How about those we don’t know? How about people just like you and me? I recently wrote about Charles Eugster in a previous blog, and how at age 93 he is still a master’s athlete, and who recently gave a TED talk in Geneva filled with information about aging and how to stay active. How about Stella Foth of New Bern, North Carolina who, at age 100, still goes “line dancing” with her friends. How about Ray Clark the 102 man in Washington, DC who started lifting weights at age 98 (his trainer is over 70). And how about the man recently profiled in the Washington Post who just published his first novel at age 91.

Then there’s the founder of the town where I live, who created a new town out of a distillery and a bunch of farmland in suburban Washington, DC and who still lives in the town he lent his initials, R.E.S. to. By the way, Robert E. Simon turns 100 next month and will be there to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the town he created out of nothing, Reston, VA. I still see him on the town’s plaza walking jauntily and forever greeting people everywhere he walks. He continues to be an active and vital voice in the town he founded.

We don’t hear about people like these often enough, yet people like these are all around us. They show us what’s possible! So, retire? Who says so, the Government? Society? The people around us? Retire . . . Bull Pucky. Hey, what’s your next act?

Many say it’s too late to start something new. Sorry, but too many people have demonstrated that it’s never too late to start again. Too many older men and women have been able to renew, rejuvenate, re-energize and revitalize their lives to accept the idea that it’s not possible. You can boost your vitality, change your posture, change your bearing, and change your outlook in an instant. You can transform yourself to a whole new perception of being a senior with just a few tweaks. And most important of all, remember this: It all starts with the way you’re thinking! Oh yes!  I’ll cover the “thinking” part, big time.

And that’s what The Come Alive Project is all about – starting a movement of active seniors like you, who want to live until you die, leave a good looking corpse and a great legacy.

Every week you’ll get articles or videos with tips, techniques, thoughts and ideas for you to ponder and use at your leisure. I’ll be writing and speaking about and with people, places and things that relate to you and how you can build and maintain more vitality and energy in your own life. I’ll be writing and speaking about things you can do to feel better, look better, move better, eat better and come alive with health and vitality and possibility thinking. Much of what you will read or hear will not be new to you. More will be new or will provide a new perspective. I’ll be writing and speaking much more about the Come Alive Movement too and asking you to share your ideas to spread the message. Many of you will jump on the bandwagon and follow me to health, energy and vitality. Others will read the posts or watch the videos and go back and hibernate. All will get value from what you find here.

So join me in getting the message out. Let’s get the aging out of getting older and spread the word that it’s never too late. Join me in spreading the message that we aren’t getting older, we’re coming alive! We’re coming alive in a way that hasn’t been seen before. And if you came across this post by chance and you’re not already on the list to get this blog weekly, then leave your name and email address in the form on the home page, and you’ll get it.

Hmmm.  It’s been snowing all morning . . . now I get to go shovel the snow . . . and I can . . . and feel OK when I’m done!

This is Bob McMillan, thanks for joining me in this message.



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