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Energy Bite 45 – A New Paradigm in Fitness for Seniors

Seniors want more than just exercise. They want the mobility, the strength, and the energy that exercise gives them.  They want the freedom to move their bodies the way nature intended, so they can do what their bodies were made to do.

They don’t want to be bored with the typical one muscle at a time exercises that they see at the gym, and they don’t want to have to use awkward and often dangerous equipment that you buy from infomercials on late night TV.

Many seniors don’t want to take the time to go to the gym and be around all the muscle, sweat, and perfect bodies.

Seniors want a method of exercise that will eliminate the drudgery, will provide a full body regimen, and add a little pizazz and excitement to their day, along with a feeling of accomplishment and new-found personal energy.

So, what if there were an exercise method that seniors would look forward to doing?

What if there were an exercise program that:

  • Exercises more than one major muscle at a time. A total body regimen with little to no impact to your joints.
  • Combines several muscle groups into a few short series or combinations of movements, instead of the “reps and sets” you do with the traditional exercise program.
  • Is adaptable and scalable to your current level of fitness, even if you haven’t moved much in years.
  • Contains some “theatrics” or “show business” so that you could brag and say (to yourself) “look at me”, or “look at what I can do.”
  • Do at home.
  • Teaches you to get up and down from the floor simply, comfortably, and nearly effortlessly, even though you may be having difficulty now.
  • Builds strength, mobility, and personal energy to levels you haven’t seen in a long time.
  • . . . And much, much, more

It’s not here yet, but it’s coming soon:  Enter SeniorFlow™, an all new Health, Fitness and Personal Energy method for Active Men and Women over Sixty. This method is designed specifically for seniors from the ground up, and is the next step in the evolution of natural movement to provide you with strength, mobility, utility and functionality, all in one series and combination of movements.

SeniorFlow™ has been in the making for many years, but it took a hospital stay to make me realize how much a method like this is needed in the active senior community.

SeniorFlow™ is not boring exercise. This is natural movement . . . the way nature intended.

SeniorFlow™ is an all new paradigm in exercise and movement for seniors that has never been seen in the senior exercise community before.

SeniorFlow™ features individual movements and combinations that are influenced by MovNat, Ginastica Natural, MMA (Yes I said MMA, that’s Mixed Martial Arts), Feldenkrais, Pilates, and Modern Dance (a la Martha Graham), as well as natural, basic animal type movements combining strength and grace.

You won’t even realize the parts of your body that are benefiting from the movements and combinations because the weight of your own body will provide all the resistance you need to build the strength and mobility you want and need.

These movements will help you perform the basic functional movements you need to be able to do the most basic tasks of a normal life. Long before you reach age 60, your body is starting to physically decay in a way that saps your strength, allows your bones to become brittle, slows your circulation, reduces your breathing capacity, and starts you on the downward spiral that comes with age. I hope you’re ready to stop that downward spiral from happening.

Does this sound like a late night infomercial? I suppose in a way it is. It’s a promotion for a new way for seniors to move their bodies that uses:

  • Bodyweight shifting
  • Gravity
  • Momentum
  • Center of gravity adjustment, weight and balance
  • Leverage
  • Full body movement
  • . . . And much, much more

There are programs and methodologies out there that are similar in some respects to SeniorFlow, but they are geared to a much younger and more agile crowd, and are typically not scalable to differing fitness levels. These SeniorFlow™ movements will give you the mobility of a much younger person.

This SeniorFlow™ method is evolving. Over the next several months, I will be refining and fine-tuning it on seniors like yourself who really want the physical mobility and energy of youth. You can be one of them when the program is ready.

Look for it soon.

Thanks for reading.

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