YOU ARE YOUR OWN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Movement, Motivation and Mindset for Active Seniors

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Energy Bite 54 – Preaching to the Choir

I interrupt my new series because this message popped into my mind and I wanted to get it down and in a blog post before I lost the thought into wherever it is that senior’s thoughts go when they don’t stay on top of them.

This post is a result of something I heard during a twenty minute video interview with Joe Polish and Joel Weldon. Joe Polish is a marketing ‘guru’, and Joel Weldon is a professional speaker who started off as a salesman who got involved with Earl Nightingale products. He talked about advice that he was given about selling. The moral of the story was that you should be marketing to people who are already on board with the mindset of what you are selling. This rang true with me because who always shows up at my talks and workshops? People who are on board with the mindset of fitness and health and want to add to what they are already aware of.

Most of the people who read this post are also already on board with the Health, Fitness and Personal Energy mindset. They want ideas that will help them improve, or to reinforce what they already believe or think.

My message is for active seniors who in most cases already know their own personal energy comes from moving their bodies, fueling their bodies with high octane fuel, and having a positive attitude that will carry them through the ups and thedownsides of their lives. Many are already doing some kind of exercise or are at least thinking that they should, and would like to know a better way or an improved way from what they are already doing. These are people like J and MA H. who are already in their eighties and look and act like they are a lot younger. They both have attended my seminar and they both have acted on the information. and they both say they have had positive results. They were in pretty good shape when they started. Another example is G.S., who in her 70s is starting to do new things with her life. I wrote about her in a recent blog post about howshe started learning to play the piano and performed at a church talent show. She has attended my workshop and when she recently read the blog post about some simple core exercises and read the ebook that came with the post, she performed all the movements right away and was able do every one of them in one session.

The people who attend workshops and seminars are not usually the people who really need it, whatever the subject. They are the people who want to add to their existing knowledge base and are willing to actually carry out the advice given in the program. This is true for anything from a Tony Robbins seminar, to financial planning workshops, to many of the other personal development seminars and workshops which are available to attend. Good advice is good advice, even if it only improves your attitude or outlook, or even your physical well being by just ten percent. I just read a book with the title, 10% Happier. The concept was that by meditating, the author could become a ten percent happier person. Of course the actual outcome was greater than ten percent, but when you think about it, ten percent is a pretty good increase to promise.

What if you could start off by being just ten percent healthier? What if you could feel ten percent better? What if you could be ten percent fitter? Most people realize that it may take a little while to gain that ten percent. The reality is actually that you will get some immediate gratification from an exercise session, just by activating the chemical reaction in your body. This is an immediate reaction to exercise. But all too often people dwell on the physical soreness and short term pain they will get when they overdo the exercise at first – as usually happens. Then they stop.

Active people, and people who are already on board with the mindset, understand that there will be some soreness involved physically, and some habit changing mentally and even some emotional change as the body’s own feel good chemicals course through the body during and after an exercise session. The participants in any exercise program must be cautioned that overdoing any fitness program at the beginning can cause your body to wear down rather than build up. Even the active senior who starts an exercise program often is a bit aggressive at first must realize that even an already active person must start slowly and build up as their body adapts – and it won’t happen overnight.

Too many people don’t really understand the personal power and personal energy that being healthy and fit gives you. If they did there would be more people exercising and eating right. A healthy and fit person can do more, do it longer and have more fun with life. So what’s the overall message? The same as always. Move your body the way nature intended, fuel your body with the things nature intended as fuel, and develop and maintain a Come Alive Attitude toward life. Keep it up you active seniors, and ifyou’re not active now, get on board, you’ll enjoy life more.

Thanks for reading.