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No New Year’s Lecture, But . . .

There will be no lectures about New Year’s Resolutions. If you are reading this article it means you are interested in your own personal Health, Fitness and Personal Energy. It means that you understand that your personal health and fitness are your own responsibility and that it is the choices you make that will keep you healthy as you get older. Most likely you already doing the things you need to do, or know what you need to do and just need the motivation to keep doing it. So all I will do in this article is reinforce what you already know about your own health and fitness and the things you need to keep doing to build and maintain your Personal Energy and Vitality.

There are five basic elements that affect your health, fitness and personal energy. Here’s the list. Simple. No lectures.

What and How you think.

 It all starts with the way you’re thinking!”
– Steve Vai, Heavy Metal/Classical Guitarist

The way you see and think about yourself, the way you look, and the way you feel, will determine what you do for your health and fitness. A positive attitude toward, and about, yourself and your life will go a long way in determining how well and how long you live a happy life. A negative attitude will do almost as much for damaging your health as lack of exercise and eating poorly.

How You Move 

If you move your body the way nature intended, you will be active, your muscles will be strong and supple, your hinges will work smoothly, and your body will stay flexible. Your blood will circulate freely, and your posture should remain tall and upright.

How and What You Eat and Drink

 It’s simple. Don’t eat junk. Stay away from processed foods, refined sugars and white flour. Drink plenty of water. There are many different viewpoints as to what constitutes healthful eating. All seem to be backed up by studies and some even by real science. What’s the right choice? Who knows! Personally, I have cut back on meat and upped the veggies and lost 30 pounds over about a six month period several years ago. Do what works for you.

How You Breathe

 Breathing deeply will improve your life dramatically. You will increase your endurance, power your muscles, improve your circulation and increase your energy. Your respiratory system includes a lot of filters so for the most part, deep breathing is beneficial no matter where you are. However, I don’t suggest you do your deep breathing in the middle of an Interstate Highway with lots of truck traffic and pollution.

How Well You Rest, Sleep and Recover

There has been a lot of recent research into the value of sleep and recovery. It seems to show that a good night’s sleep is much more important than originally thought. And recent studies reinforce the value of true darkness in maximizing the benefits of sleep. Artificial light from bedside clocks and even the blue light from “devices” seem to be a no-no for restful sleep.

Recovery from exercise and the stresses of daily life seem to be getting far more attention than in the past, and studies show that meditation and mindfulness can go a long way in that recovery process.

No Lecture

See, no lecture. You already knew all that, didn’t you? Opinions may vary as to the type and amount of exercise, the best dietary patterns and the amount of rest and sleep one really needs, but the categories are pretty much cut in stone and we recognize the need for “all of the above”.

I hope everyone has solid resolutions for your own Health, Fitness and Personal Energy for 2016 and beyond. So, I’ll wish a Happy New Year to all with the admonition to live it in Good Health and High Energy.

Thank you for reading.

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