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Energy Bite 129 – Exercise? Gym, House or Outside?

I go to the gym to exercise nearly every day. Some call it a health club. It’s not necessary to go to the gym, but it’s become a habit – simply a part of my everyday routine.  I can easily exercise at home instead, and sometimes I do.

At the gym, there is an atmosphere of health and fitness. There are real people there (at the gym) — all kinds of people — young, old, muscular, fat, tall, short and every conceivable color, ethnic group, sex , physical condition and so forth. There are also lots of older adults who just want to get fit, stay fit, and remain independent.  Everyone there has a common purpose:  To move their bodies.  Some are on the treadmill, some use weights, some use machines, some go to a class, and others are just moving. Some, like Edie, my wife, do a little of each.

I can stay home and exercise.  I can exercise for as little as ten minutes at a time, or for as long as I want.  All I need is a space on the floor where I can stretch out (you should see me in hotel rooms).

There are plenty of places beside the gym to exercise.  Why you can even do it outside. Imagine that!

In the community where I live, there is an outdoor exercise course called a PAR course.  Very few people use it, or even know it is there. It consists of a series of “stations” set up on a path through the woods and is part of a community park. There is a kids playground next to part of the PAR Course which adults can use if they want and are not embarrassed. I even made a video there which I linked to in a recent post and won’t bore you with again.  Yes I will.

The point is that the world is your gym.  You can walk almost anywhere.  You can stretch everywhere.  You can move your body anywhere you can stand up, sit down, or lie down.  You can move against resistance on the floor, using a doorframe or using your own body.  There is never  an excuse like: “Yes, but I don’t have any place to exercise”.

Just some thoughts I had today.

Thanks for reading.

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