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Energy Bite 148 – Never Have a Bad Day Again

I am on the Tony Robbins email list (along with a couple of million other people) and I get an occasional video in those emails. I watched a short video by Tony Robbins yesterday and he said some things worth repeating.

He said, “You are 100 % responsible for your experiences in life. I agree and have often said the same thing in these articles. We have choices and make decisions. We are responsible for how we choose to experience what happens to us.  He said: “I don’t have bad days. I have bad ‘moments’, not bad days. Maybe a bad 90 seconds.”  I think that’s a great concept. We rarely go through an entire day feeling bad. And we all have the ability to change our “state”, or mental attitude, instantly.

He said that no one has to have a “bad day”. Most “bad days” are caused by some sort of life event that people perceive as having a negative effect on them. The cause is usually some sort of mental hurt or emotional pain. Most people, including you, also know that you can change your attitude toward a life event instantly, if you want. Anyone can. Since we all have different ways of experiencing the same thing, we also handle each event differently.

No one has to have a bad day. I can let an event bother me all day, or I can choose to drop it. Edie and I do this all the time. One of us will get angry about something the other one did or didn’t do. How long the anger lasts is up to each of us based on the meaning we attach to the perceived hurt. We all do this. In fact Robbins said he and his wife now put a 90 second limit on feeling hurt about something the other did. He said it used to be a five hour limit, but never longer. We all can have a bad few times but how long we hold onto that attitude or stay in that state is a choice that we can make. If we are in a bad stat all day, it’s our own fault. Why?  Because we are 100 % responsible for how we choose to experience the event.

I learned through my 12 step program that resentments are one of the major causes of hurt and anger, and that the longer you choose to hold a resentment throughout your life, the more it will have a negative effect on you. Most of these resentments are a result of unfulfilled expectations. Two of the most important steps in any 12 step program are to first, inventory your resentments and second, tell someone else about them. If necessary, make any amends to any person you may have harmed through your own actions. That’s pretty good advice for anyone. Put the resentments behind you and move on. That will help avoid a lot of future bad days.

Tony Robbins said: “It’s not about the event, it’s about the way you communicate to yourself about the event. It’s the meaning we associate with the event that determines how we feel about it. Nothing in life has meaning except for the meaning that we give it. The label we put on the experience becomes the experience.” 

Since our attitude has a huge influence on our Health, Fitness and Personal Energy, as well as life in general, the above makes very relevant reading.

So, thank you Tony Robbins. Thank you all for reading. And be sure and “have a great day”.

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