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Energy Bite 161 – VOTE!

This will be short and to the point. Today is Election Day. Be sure and VOTE! It’s your choice who and what for; Just VOTE!

I was lucky. My parents were of different political persuasions and argued their points at the dinner table while I was growing up. I learned to understand politics at an early age. But both stressed the importance of making your own choice and then acting on it. They always stressed the seriousness of the voting process itself.

My wife and I always emphasized the responsibility to vote with our son. We told him that the choices were his to make, just  to make sure he voted. For one of his daughters, who is in her second year at Virginia Tech,  this will be her first election. She  told us how excited she is about the opportunity she has in being able to vote for the first time. I couldn’t vote until I was twenty-one. She is 19 now. What an opportunity she has.

Exercising the responsibility to take care of your Country is every bit as important as taking care of yourself.  Today is election day, I hope you exercise both yourself and your opportunity and responsibility to vote.

This has been a contentious election process. But the dissension and contentiousness is not new. “Mudslinging” is a term that has been used in the political process for over 200 years. While it seems to have been more divisive this election than ever, I’ve seen contentious elections in the past, and there were many before my time on earth. The arguments have been about pretty much the same things.

In this election more than ever, use it or lose it.

Thank you for reading.

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