YOU ARE YOUR OWN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Movement, Motivation and Mindset for Active Seniors

Energy Bite 190 – Mastery, Imagination and Motivation

Moving toward “Mastery” of something leads to the motivation to continue doing it. Imagine that.

When you start something new like an exercise program, diet, or any form of self-improvement program, you will find inertia trying to keep you from starting. As I mentioned in another recent article, built in homeostasis wants to take you back to where you started, and you will find unwanted resistance to your efforts to continue. Plateaus result in discouragement and lack of motivation tries to keep you from moving forward toward your goal.

By reading some of my recent blog posts, you have learned to understand that resistance. And as you break through those plateaus and the inertia and the homeostasis effect, and start to move toward that elusive place of Mastery, you will find yourself starting to want to continue and you will start doing it for its own sake. That’s a powerful source of basic intrinsic motivation.

Your imagination plays a powerful role here. If you can imagine where you want to be and picture how you want to get there, then you are headed down the path of low resistance. Our imaginations are a significant part of the path to mastery. The imagination is more powerful than the strongest will power.

When you energize and guide your imagination, whatever you tell it becomes real for you. If it is real to you, then you are less likely to resist it. When you energize the imagination and vividly visualize the new experience of achieving the result you want, that experience becomes real for you. The more real it becomes,  the more powerfully motivated you are to do it (exercise, eat right, etc.) for it’s own sake. And that’s when real results are achieved.

Move toward Mastery through imagination and motivation; MIndset, Movement and Motivation to discovery of your own Fountain of Youth.

Thank you for reading.

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