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Energy Bite 201 – What Turns Off the Flow of Energy

Two weeks ago, in Energy Bite 199, I wrote about what we know as Flow, and how powerful a mental and physical effect it has on the way you live your life, particularly as you get older.

In his book, In the Flow of Life, author Eric Butterworth cites Emerson, who he said:  “had this consciousness of the flow of life which indwells each person as a Presence and which is forever bubbling forth through each person as a fountain.”

So, when I talk to groups, I use the term “Fountain of Youth” or “The Flow of Life” or sometimes “Feeling Alive”, interchangeably. It’s a mental and physical state of being  that provides you with an abundance of health and personal energy. It’s that state of mind where you are fully alive . . . and are “bubbling forth as a fountain.”

But sometimes the flow seems to shut off. Sometimes the energy leaves you. Sometimes you feel low, even depressed. What causes the flow to slow or stop?

  • Negative People, places and things. Whiners and complainers. Other people’s drama. When you are around them, they seem to drain the energy right out of you. Unpleasant surroundings can also sap your energy. The same with clutter and noise.
  • Fears and resentments.
  • Physical deterioration . . . POOR EXERCISE AND EATING HABITS. Even poor posture.
  • You don’t use the tools that keep your Fountain of Energy flowing . . . Movement, Good Food, Deep Breathing, Meditation, Visualization (mental imagery), and even Affirmations.
  • And finally, when you write your own story, you’ve let someone else “hold the pen”.

And writing your own story? That’s how to turn the flow back on. That’s how to age with energy and to feel alive! And that’s the topic for next week . . .  Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.