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Energy Bite 213 – “Still Gonna Die”

Country Music legend Mel Tillis died over the weekend. I’m not a great fan of country music but I can enjoy some of the good stuff, particularly if it’s Johnny, Willie or Waylon. Mel Tillis was a country music star who, in his later years formed a group with other legends called “Old Dogs”, consisting of himself, Waylon Jennings, Bobby Bare and Jerry Reed. One of their great songs was written by Shel Silverstein the author, poet and sometimes songwriter.

I guess I have to concede that no matter what you do, how well you take care of your body, no matter what you eat, and do all the “stuff” that is advertised and promoted to give you better health and well being, you are: “Still Gonna Die”. That’s not an exciting prospect, but the way it’s put in this song is hilarious.

Go to this link and enjoy this classic song, written by Shel Silverstein and sung by the Old Dogs.   It starts with a short narrative, which I quote below, and then moves quickly into the song. Enjoy!

“So you’re takin’ better care of your body ,
Becoming more aware of your body.
Responding to your body’s needs.
Everything you hear and read about
Diets and nutrition and sleeping positions
and detoxifying your system and buying machines
that they advertise to help you exercise.”

“Still Gonna Die” written by Shel Silverstein.  Recorded by the Old Dogs (Waylon Jennings, Mel Tillis, Bobby Bare and Jerry Reed) on the 1998 album “old Dogs Vol. 2”

So, yes you’re Still Gonna Die, eventually, but you’re more likely to live a lot longer, live a lot healthier and experience a fuller life if you actually do take better care of your body and become more aware, and do a few of the other things mentioned in the lyrics.

Ya gotta love it! I hope you enjoy it — I sure did. Rest in peace, Mel Tillis.

Thank you for reading.

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