YOU ARE YOUR OWN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Movement, Motivation and Mindset for Active Seniors

Energy Bite 219 – New Year Commitments from Me

.My wife and I just returned from a few days at the beach in Bethany Beach, Delaware, where some very beautiful and hospitable friends invited us to enjoy a few days with them at their oceanfront home. Yes — the beach in January — with temperatures in the low teens and the “wind chill” a few degrees in the minus column. That’s in Fahrenheit for those elsewhere in our world. Yesterday, we watched a few hundred commited people strip down to swim trunks and bikinis, proceed to charge into the Atlantic Ocean, and jump around for a couple of minutes before running back out of the freezing Atlantic, putting their clothes back on, milling around a bit, and then going home to warm up. There were even a few Seniors in the group. That takes a real commitment to actually doing something you said you would do, no matter how far outside your comfort zone it takes you.

I’ve written about how you need to make Commitments to yourself ( versus Resolutions), and about holding yourself accountable to sticking with them for the coming year. So, I’m making some commitments to you for the coming year and I expect to be held accountable for them.

I’ll be expanding The Come Alive Project to provide a wider platform to broadcast the message of Health, Fitness and Personal Energy for Active Seniors. I’ll be emphasizing that You are Your Own Fountain of Youth, that you will activate the flow of life from that fountain through Movement, Mindset and Motivation, and that you are personally responsible for your own health and fitness. I want to put more energy into people’s lives — my own included. I will be refining the message and upgrading the platform to get the message out and I will be asking some outside experts to contribute to the content.

I am in the process of upgrading my YouTube channel. I’m asking you, the reader, to help me improve the message through email questions that I can answer in a series of videos (including useful exercises) to be posted on YouTube and in this blog. Feel free to email questions or comments at any time. 

I will be upgrading this website ( to provide more useful and practical content.

I’ll be scheduling some half-day and one-day seminars (I used to be in the seminar business) that will provide motivation and methods. I will be doing more speaking and writing. I hope to actually monetize the project to some degree through the seminars and workshops.

This won’t happen all at once. I will spread it out over the entire first quarter. I am asking your help for practical ideas and feedback. Please email your thoughts to

I will continue the practice of not incorporating comments at the end of the blog articles. There are simply too many “trolls” out there who tend to ruin a good thing for everyone. I have plug-ins that are supposed to eliminate spam from the comments, but they don’t. However I encourage email comments to I appreciate them and I will continue to answer them.

Happy New Year to all and thank you for reading.

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