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Energy Bite 226 – Just Do It, The Real Message

A couple of days ago, while searching online for some quotes about MOTIVATION, I heard and watched a video of one of the most powerful messages I’ve ever heard from an Entrepreneur. It’s a message that should be listened to or watched by not just entrepreneurs, but by anyone who is alive and breathing. It will make you breathe harder. It will energize you. It will excite you.

It should be taught by every teacher in every grade level in every school. It should be emphasized by parents everywhere. It is an admonition that should be pasted on the front of every refrigerator in every household in the country.

Yes, Nike adopted the phrase, but when Art Williams said it many years ago in a 1987 speech to the National Religious Broadcasters Codnvention, it had real meaning. “DO IT!” “JUST DO IT!”  Do what, he’s asked. His answer: JUST DO IT! BUT I . . . JUST DO IT! But I don’t know how, someone says. “DO IT ANYWAY, JUST DO IT!

The phrase is a cliche from Nike. It’s basically meaningless when it comes from them. It sells sneakers. But it doesn’t sell people on themselves like it does when you hear it in Art Williams speech.

And when I say “speech”, I mean “SPEECH!” This was no TED talk. This was an intense, high powered SPEECH to a Hotel Ballroom FILLED with Religious Broadcasters and prominent Religious Media Personalities from the time. He was introduced by Jerry Falwell.

When Art Williams said it, people sat up in their chairs and paid attention. I DID! In fact, I played it over and over again, sat up in my chair and listened — and paid attention, and let it sink in. It’s now stored on my iPhone.

Implement the message. Yes, How can I not? It means DOING IT! It means MAKING A PLAN AND EXECUTING ON THAT PLAN! It means polishing up my own message about Health, Fitness and Personal Energy, about MOVEMENT, MINDSET & MOTIVATION, and getting that message out there to Active Seniors.  DO IT!

Here’s a link to the last three minutes of that powerful message. I urge you to listen to it and do with it what you will. Then if you want, you can watch the entire 20 minute speech, here. It’s all inspiring.


I don’t have the time to exercise — DO IT!


I really want to lose that weight – DO IT!


I don’t want to embarrass myself — DO IT!


My spouse says that it’s dumb and stupid — DO IT ANYWAY IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT!


I need to check with my doctor first — DO IT!




I don’t like vegetables — EAT ‘EM ANYWAY!




I really want to get healthy, but I just can’t get motivated — Then listen to this speech. DO IT?


So think about that message every time you say to yourself that “I want to do . . . . whatever.  If it makes sense, then — DO IT!

 Thank you Art Williams for that powerful message!  I couldn’t have heard it at a better time. I’ll listen to it again today. DO IT! That speech is a powerful new tool in my toolbox. I hope you listen to it and find it useful. DO IT!

Thank you for reading.


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