YOU ARE YOUR OWN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Movement, Motivation and Mindset for Active Seniors

Energy Bite 196 – Mind and Body Working Together – Part 2: Creative Visualization

Welcome to Part 2 of Mind and Body Working Together. Last weeks article was about the power of the imagination and some aspects of mental imagery or visualization. This week I’ll cover the topic of creative visualization along with an exercise in how to do it. Esther Hicks, one of Hay House’s most popular Spiritual… Continue Reading

Energy Bite 195 – Mind and Body Working Together, Part 1: Mental Imagery

Will picturing yourself younger, make you younger? It might help you feel younger. Have you ever tried visualization? “Imaging” is a better term since it applies not only to visual imagery buts to other senses: Kinesthetic, emotional feelings, smell, taste, and hearing. In 1961, while I was in training to be a Marine Corps Officer and… Continue Reading

Energy Bite 192 – Self-Discipline

Without self-discipline there is no mastery — of anything. Of course, I am talking here about self-discipline in the realm of long term mastery of your own Health, Fitness, Personal Energy and overall well being. Self-discipline is the key to overcoming such Health and Fitness detractors as boredom, distraction, lethargy, inertia and excuses (“It’s too… Continue Reading

Energy Bite 191 – New Series Ahead

I am starting a new series next week about transformation from getting older to becoming “youthful”; from illness to wellness; from inert to active; from unmotivated to motivated, from weak to strong, from unfit to fit, and all those other things that lead into Health, Fitness and Vitality for Seniors. I won’t be writing about “How… Continue Reading